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Our imaginative Eclipse tours to Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Tanzania and North America (Wyoming), are designed to give the best viewing opportunities, with expert knowledge and an incredible traveling experience. Our astronomer led and culture-rich astronomy tours provide opportunities to experience unique astronomical events and excellent star gazing in exotic countries. 

As well as set date eclipse and astronomy tours, we also tailor make eclipse and astronomy travel for individuals. 

Natalie Harman

Natalie Harman – Event coordinator

Natalie Harman.jpg

As the newest member, Natalie is enjoying being one of the event coordinators for The Independent Traveller’s Eclipse and Astronomy team.

Natalie has a degree in Event Management from Sheffield Hallam University and a strong background in operations and the travel and tourism industry. She has always been a keen traveller, going on many solo trips around the world, to untouched areas in countries such as India and Tanzania.

Natalie has been working in Australia and New Zealand and is now back in her native country, England.

Natalie is utilizing her passion for travel with her unfailingly positive attitude and great attention to detail combine to ensure our clients a truly remarkable and memorable trip.

Sitting quietly under the stars and being lost in the beauty of our amazing planet is what motivates and inspires Natalie.