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Our imaginative Eclipse tours to Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Tanzania and North America (Wyoming), are designed to give the best viewing opportunities, with expert knowledge and an incredible traveling experience. Our astronomer led and culture-rich astronomy tours provide opportunities to experience unique astronomical events and excellent star gazing in exotic countries. 

As well as set date eclipse and astronomy tours, we also tailor make eclipse and astronomy travel for individuals. 

The Ship


Our transportation from Yap to Woleai will be on board M/V Hapilmohol 1, the freighter which serves as passenger and cargo vessel for Yap State of the FSM. When islanders in this part of Micronesia wish to travel from one location to another without venturing
to do so in their traditional canoes, Hapilmohol 1 or H1, as we like to call it, is their means of choice. We are chartering H1 for our exclusive use to travel non-stop from Yap to Woleai, remain there for 3 days until eclipse day, use the ship as our hotel while there and then return directly to Yap. 

The H1 is a freighter not a cruise ship. It is a working supply ship which, as in many isolated and sparsely populated areas, transports passengers and provisions to and among the remote islands. While somewhat rustic or industrial in nature, it is a good solid ship that will provide us with all the necessary basic essentials, accommodation and food, we need for our voyage to Woleai. If we take this in somewhat of a "backpacker" spirit, it should be a memorable experience and provide us with an idea of what the expeditions of earlier times were like to reach such a remote and fascinating destination. Onboard the majority of sleeping space is of a communal nature, not inside cabins, using mats or foam padding on the floor. You may wish to bring a hammock or air mattress with you to use in your allotted space. Our "AC" air-conditioned deck for up to 50 people will be a large enclosed space with some minimal privacy partitioning of allocated areas. The other two, "GD" general decks for up to 200 people will be sheltered but not enclosed and will not have air conditioning, relying rather on natural breezes. During our three days at Woleai if normal conditions permit, we'll just walk off and on H1 via the front ramp otherwise transfers over the short distance to and from shore will be by tender. A basic meal plan will be included in the tariff though kitchen facilities and dining areas are somewhat limited on board the ship so it will be a good idea to bring some snacks with you for the journey or purchase some provisions while in Yap prior to boarding. At Woleai we anticipate there will be local foods available including coconuts, breadfruit, bananas, taro, and fresh fish. We expect it will be possible to camp on shore while at Woleai if you would like to, as long as you bring a mini-tent with you.